Call for Abstracts

  • The main (and not all) topics addressed at the MELAC 2018 are detailed below.
  • The following list covers main (but not all)  themes to be addressed at MELAC 2018

Papers are expected to fill broadly –but not exclusively- into one of the named topics. If your paper addressed a theme inside the landscape area but doesn’t fit exactly in these topics, you can also send it to us, since we may capture other areas of research.

It should be noticed that each topic has two main area: the first is “How does the transition take place?”, and the second is “how it should be responded?”

  • Evolution of landscape concept

Sub-themes include:

Landscape as a discipline, Professional services, Standards, Local knowledge, Governance and regulation, International institutions, Interdisciplinary approaches, High technology and digitalization, Landscape assessment, Landscape planning and design, Landscape conservation and protection, Landscape restoration

  • Landscape Conservation

Sub-themes include:

Cultural Landscape, Historic Urban Landscape (HUL), Agricultural Heritage Systems, Rural Landscape, , Industrial Landscape, Cultural Roads, Silk Road, Historic Landscape, Documentation, Management, & Monitoring of World Heritage, Conflicts of Conservation & Development, Garden & Landscape History

  • Globalization, development and demographic changes

Sub-themes include:

Urbanization, Industrialization, Human overpopulation, Population density, Homogenization

Immigration, Migration, Centralization, Accessibility, Technology

  • Natural resources, climate change and natural disasters

Sub-themes include:

Deforestation, Desertification, Wild fire, Haze crises, Pollution, Flood, Erosion, Heat wave

Drought, Habitat destruction, Global warming and greenhouse effect, Carbon footprint, Energy consumption and management, Natural resources management

  • Landscape and economic changes

Sub-themes include:

Poverty, Recession, Financial crises, Economic depression, National product, Economic growth

Investment and Entrepreneurship, Electronic business, Branding

  • Landscape and socio-cultural changes

Sub-themes include:

Inequality, Unemployment, Corruption, Food shortage, Life style, Social justice, Civil rights

Human development, NGOs, Social policy, Communication and media, Education

  • Landscape and political affairs

Sub-themes include:

Regional struggles, War and post-war, Terrorism, Secession, International regimes

  • Landscape and new technologies

Sub-themes include:

GIS based planning, BIM, Geodesign, …

We invite abstracts for oral paper presentations, posters or just publish in conference proceedings by abstract. All selected papers will publish in conference proceedings.

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Review procedures
Authors should submit their extended abstracts online indicating their topic and the form. Reviewers have been selected based on their expertise and knowledge of the topics. The extended abstract should contain a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words.
Authors will be notified regarding the acceptance or non-acceptance of the abstracts. The accepted abstracts will be returned to the authors with the reviewers comments. Authors should then submit their full paper or poster at the designated time.