Conference fees vary according to the IFLA membership, student status and time of registration.
International Participants        Until 25 Feb.2018      After 25 Feb.2018
Regular price (USD)                              300                              400
IFLA members (USD)                            250                              350
Students (USD)                                      100                              150

Iranian Participants                        Until 10 Mar.2018      After 10 Mar.2018
Regular price (IRR.)                              3,500,000                    4,500,000
IFLA (ISLAP) members (IRR.)           2,500,000                    3,500,000
Students (IRR.)                                      1,800,000                    2,500,000

IFLA members:
As IFLA members we consider IFLA associated members and all their members that have paid the IFLA membership fee. Membership must be approved by IFLA associated members by membership card, certificate of official letter.

As students we consider bachelor, master and PhD students currently enrolled at a university. Please send in a copy of your enrollment confirmation or copy of student card to melac@shahromanzar.org

Registration fee includes:
•    Visa letter
•    Access to all scientific sessions of the conference
•    Conference Pack
•    Lunch, Coffee and Tea
•    Conference programme
•    Digital version of proceedings

Post-conference excursions:
•    Two-day excursion (09-10 May 2018):    350 USD   for one excursion. Excursions will be parallel and you can choose one.
Excursion One: Two-day excursion (09-10 May 2018) to Tehran- Kashan and Isfahan Historic Cities.
Excursion Two: Two-day excursion (09-10 May 2018) to Masouleh Village, Lahijan City, Roudkhan Castle, Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, Qazvin Historic City.

Accompanying person:
Fee: 80 USD

GALA Dinner
Dinner in Iranian Style by May 08, 2018
Fee for International Participants:          50 USD
Fee for Iranian Participants:                     600,000 IRR.